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Union School

Welcome to the Union School website. I hope that you will find the information contained in these pages helpful in your search for the right school for your child. I believe that nothing is more important than finding a school at which your child will be safe, happy and well-educated. Of course, to be well-educated, firstly you must be educated well.

Ian Tysoe


Ian Tysoe, Head Teacher

Bilingual school Français | English

Dear visitors,

We are in the heart of Paris and children are at the heart of our school. We are a newly established bilingual, French/English, Primary School in the 16e arrondissement offering the National Curriculum from the UK
and the Programme de l’Education nationale based on 5 fundamental principles – Excellence, Confidence, Well-being, Charity & Team Spirit.

Our teachers are kind, caring and dedicated educators. Our children are nurtured in classes of 20 friends under the expert guidance of 2 teachers, native speakers of English and French.

After Yeats, “children are fires to be lit not pails to be filled”.
At Union School we educate the whole child, nurturing their interests and talents whilst fostering a love of learning. Each child has individual and differing needs. Our outstanding teachers are aware of and responsive to those needs, adapting their programmes and pedagogy accordingly.
We believe that if a child doesn’t learn in the way that you teach, then you must teach in the way that they learn. We are fortunate, as a highly experienced teaching team, to work alongside world renowned pedagogical practitioners, our Board of Experts, who enable us to enhance and expand the children’s learning based on the latest scientific findings.

With homework completed at school and a plethora of ideas for educational family activities, after school and for weekends, we offer a wraparound service to enrich the children’s lives that also serves to make your life easier. On Wednesday afternoons, our Academy proposes an extensive variety of clubs and activities to broaden the children’s learning experiences, including support classes for those children wishing to improve their second language.

Caring for the planet and for others is a thread running through all our programmes in which the children learn civic and global responsibility,
as well as ecological awareness.

We appoint our teachers based upon their experience and ability, but most importantly their character – kindness. We expect our teachers to go above and beyond, putting your children at the heart of all they do.

Whilst you will get a flavour of our school through this website, nothing can replace meeting in person. Please make contact and I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Ian Tysoe, Head Teacher